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Create a unique video shopping experience in a snap

  • Designed to serve the needs of the direct selling industry.
  • Allows consultants to authentically engage and connect with their community.
  • Curate a collection of short-form videos in seconds using pre-recorded content (such as corporate marketing promotions) or record brand-new videos (your own authentic messages).
  • Customize your PopStreams with a unique title, hashtags, thumbnail and more!
  • Add the products you want to showcase to customers directly into your PopStream—making them instantly shoppable! 
  • Enable your customers to purchase at the point of inspiration through one-click checkout.
  • Distribute videos across all social channels—and anywhere else you like.
  • Our consumer app makes it easy to create, add products and share—again and again—while ensuring consultants get proper attribution and credit for their sales!
  • Our superior analytics dashboard helps track and improve conversions.
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Live Shopping

Go LIVE showcasing your products to your customers

  • Go LIVE in seconds—and showcase your products in real time to customers all over the world.
  • Promote and broadcast your event to any network of your choice.
  • Use interactive engagement tools like polls, banners and chat to make connecting with customers a breeze.
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1:1 Personal Shopping

Personalize your customer experience through private shoppable video calls

  • Allow your customers to schedule virtual 1:1 calls with consultants for a more personalized and thorough shopping experience.
  • Sync your products and fill your customer's shopping cart during the call.
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StreamStyle by Revo Video

One platform for video engagement and live commerce

  • Designed to serve the unique needs of the direct selling industry.
  • A powerful marketing and selling tool for your consultants to connect authentically with their community and accelerate sales.
  • Embedded with services and features that enable direct sellers to leverage the power of video.
  • Enable your customers to purchase at the point of inspiration through one-click checkout.
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All with Frictionless Checkout.
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What Our Clients Say

“This is a software you have to have if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to bring in more sales.”

- Oyéta Kokoroko
Founder & CEO
OKOKO Cosmétiques Inc.

"Using Revo Video's platform was a seamless experience as it was very intuitive, straightforward and easy to use. The live format is a great way to have an authentic discussion about products that allow our customers to ask questions and participate in real time."

- Shannon Britt
CEO and Co-Founder

“Revo Video helped us in the digital transformation of our business making it easy for our consultants to convert prospects into customers. Automating most of the processes that used to happen manually saved lot of time that our field can now invest in more revenue generating activities.”

- Fabio Fiorellino
Vice President, Digital

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